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Shooting Tips:
Anchor Advice with J.J.
with Bob and Rob on easing the transition from compound to traditional bow
Bob Lee Archery Clinic and Escape (ACE) at the Famed 777 Ranch in Hondo Texas!
Fantastic fellowship, one-on-one range time, bareshaft tuning, anchoring instruction and more -- we had a blast!
Bob Lee discusses the
formation of Wing Archery
The invention of the first 3-piece takedown bow -- the Presentation II -- and working with son Rob at their new facility
Bob recalls the early days with Fred Bear, Ben Pearson and Earl Hoyt
Along with bowfishing for Texas Tilapia with J.J. of Bob Lee Archery and Ty Southerland with ArrowSlingnTV
Ty's first buck with a tradbow. Plus, Bob and Rob with a Wing prototype quiver -- fashioned from a tuna can, bicycle pedals and cabinet catches!
ROB and JJ talk about the Bob Lee models
The superior Bob Lee attachment system for takedown bows, the differences between longbows and recurves, material selections for handles, and more.

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