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It is VERY IMPORTANT that you ALWAYS use a bowstringer when stringing your bow. Proper use of a bowstringer will prevent your bow's limbs from becoming twisted. A bowstringer also provides the safest method of stringing your bow as the limb tips are away from you during the stringing and unstringing process. (Avoid placing your head close to the limb tips when stringing and unstringing your bow).

Should a limb become twisted, it will remain twisted until you straighten or 'bump' it back to the straight position. 'Bumping' involves the placement of one hand near the twisted section of the limb and the other hand on the riser section. A twisted limb can be straightened in this manner by applying pressure in the opposite direction of the twist. Always unstring your bow with the bowstringer provided before straightening a twisted limb. Neglecting a twisted limb will only allow the twist to become more severe. A brief inspection of each limb should be made each time you string your bow.

All Bob Lee bows, with the exception of traditional longbow models, are designed to be shot either from an elevated arrow rest or directly off of the arrow shelf. An elevated arrow rest provides increased fletching clearance and is helpful when using plastic vanes. Shooting off of the shelf allows the arrow to be held closer to the bowhand which is helpful to instinctive shooting. It is recommended, when shooting off of the shelf, that you pad the arrow shelf and the portion of the sight window directly above the pivot point with a rug rest or hair rest.

Each of your takedown model limbs is marked as a top limb or a bottom limb. These markings are found on each limb near the mounting area. When attaching the limbs, DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN your limb bolts. A snug fit is all that is required. Overtightening can cause limb damage and will void the warranty

Never 'dry-fire' your bow --.this is shooting the bow without an arrow. A 'dry-fire' will severely and permanently damage your bow.

Never draw, aim or shoot unless you are sure that line of fire is clear. Remember: “Once an arrow is in flight, it cannot be recalled.”

Store your bow in a cool, dry place and avoid prolonged exposure to excessive heat and moisture.

Occasionally waxing your bow with a quality furniture wax will help preserve its finish.

The brace height of your bow is measured from the pivot point, or most inward point of the grip, to the bowstring.
A higher brace height helps reduce bow vibration and noise and also minimizes the effects of shooting errors. A lower brace height provides increased arrow velocity. Increased noise and poor arrow flight can be the result of a brace height that is too low.
Twisting your bowstring will reduce its length and increase your brace height. Untwisting your bowstring or installing a longer bowstring will decrease your brace height. (Avoid untwisting flemish style bowstrings as string failure may occur). Experiment to find the brace height measurement that allows your bow to perform at its best with your particular style of shooting.

Here are the recommended brace heights for a Bob Lee bow:

Your bow's AMO (Archery Manufacturer and Merchant's Organization) length is marked on its lower limb. To achieve the correct brace height you will need to use a bowstring of the same AMO length. (Example: An AMO 62” bow requires an AMO 62” string). The actual length of your bowstring will be 4”-5” shorter than its marked AMO length.

All types of arrows (wood, aluminum, carbon) can be shot from your Bob Lee bow. Regardless of arrow type, it is important that your arrows are correctly spined (have the correct spine stiffness) for your draw weight . Check your arrow manufacturers recommendations to determine the arrow size best suited for your bow.

Bob Lee Archery warrants to the original purchaser that its bows are guaranteed to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of TWO YEARS from the date of purchase.

Bob Lee Archery warrants that your bow will perform its intended function if used in accordance with the instructions provided. Under this limited warranty, Bob Lee Archery will determine whether the bow is to be replaced or repaired.

This Limited Warranty covers ONLY the replacement parts, labor and return ground transportation costs provided by Bob Lee Archery to the consumer for the repaired bow. Transportation charges for the return of the bow to Bob Lee Archery are not covered. NO C.O.D.s WILL BE ACCEPTED.

Warranty Limitations are as follows:

• Returns to Bob Lee Archery must be pre-authorized. Owner must contact Bob Lee Archery at 903-586-1877 prior to shipping in order to obtain a Return Authorization Number and the correct shipping address. Dealers are not authorized to make replacements on bows under this warranty.

• All accessory items must be removed from the bow prior to shipping. BOB LEE ARCHERY WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR DAMAGE OR LOSS OF ANY ACCESSORY ITEM LEFT ON THE BOW.

• A copy of a dated sales receipt must accompany all warranty requests.

• This warranty does not cover damage caused by dry-firing, accidents, improper handling, installation or use of this product. If bow shows signs of any such accidents or abuse, this warranty will be void.

• This warranty is VOID if product is in any way MODIFIED from its original state.

• This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear

• Cosmetic damage such as scratches, chips or dings in the finish are not covered.

• Claimant must be original purchaser. THIS WARRANTY IS NOT TRANSFERABLE.

• Bows are warranted up to the amount of the original purchase price. If bow was purchased at a discounted price, bow repair and/or replacement cost coverage is limited to the purchase price.


Since 1951, Bob Lee Archery has been a pioneer in promoting traditional archery through the manufacture of take down recurves, long bows and stick bows.

Our designs have been heralded as some of the finest the industry has seen, with many of the Wing models still being collected -- and shot -- today.

It is our goal to continue that tradition of excellence.

We remain exceedingly grateful for your patronage and your camaraderie!

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