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I harvested this 8 point buck on State public hunting land outside of Nacogdoches. This is the first quality buck I've taken with traditional equipment -- my 54#, 54" Bob Lee recurve.  Michael Gueno, Nacogdoches, TX

I just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed my new limbs and grip. My shooting has been great since receiving them! I took this doe with my Sig. Elite 62" 52# @ 29".  CE Heritage 250, Muzzy MX Phantom.  Taken out of a ground blind, quartering away, 17 yards, pass through, recovered in sight.  Morning of 11/7/09.  Thanks again, Jeff Fleming

My first traditional deer! Taken at 8 yards with a Bob Lee Hunter Pro -- 60" 53 lbs. @ 28 inch draw -- out of a Double Bull blind. Thank you to the Lee Family for making fast, quiet and easy to shoot bows. Trevor Miller, Hempstead, Texas
P.S. Only a Bob Lee can put 4 arrows in one deer in 20 seconds.

I killed this spike in Hallettsville, Texas. Thanks to my Bob Lee (and a little help from me) the shot placement was perfect! The deer went down within sight. Once again, I cannot say enough about Bob Lee's equipment! Pete Pieper, Hempstead, Texas

Bob, I have really enjoyed my recurve and look forward to many days in the field with it. Thanks!  Corey Mason, Wimberley, Texas

I harvested this doe in Hempstead with a vintage 1960 model Red Wing Hunter -- one of my collector bows from Bob Lee's Wing Archery Glory Days! Pete Pieper, Hempstead, Texas

"Ole Faithful", my Bob Lee Signature takedown, has done it again. This buck was close to 200# on the hoof. I shot him from my knees after rattling and grunting. He ran about 75-100 yds. I passed some smaller bucks, but decided to take this one. He was on a slow trot and I couldn't make him stop. He was approx. 17 paces and the arrow took out both lungs. Ole faithfull really is quite a bow. Stay in touch and I'll talk to you again. John Woodlock, Ohio

Thank you for an awesome bow! First weekend I took it out and this guy comes walking at 10 yards. It was an excellent hunt with my 53@27 Bob Lee signature with short riser (left-handed!). Gerardo Rodriguez, Monterrey, Mexico

These are a few animals we have killed with our Bob Lee Signature takedowns. Both have Selway quivers and we use arrows that we make. The deer were killed this year in Menard, Texas. Thanks for building such great quality bows. Bill and Brad Pace

I purchased a signature recurve, 62" 55lb left hand model, and I've killed 11 deer, 1 turkey and 1 chicken with it. The most recent was an eight point (actually seven point; broken brow tine) with an 18 inch inside spread.  I shot him at 25 yards with a homemade arrow consisting of port orford cedar, 5" fletchings, and a vented 125 grain Magnus broadhead.  He ran 50 yards and expired.  I was hunting private property in East central Georgia. I have thoroughly enjoyed hunting with my signature bow and creating intrigue amoungst fellow hunters.  It is truly a beautiful piece of work. Thanks for producing such a fine piece of simple, reliable hunting equipment. Tim Croley, Georgia

I have owned my Bob Lee Hunter for 9 years, and here is just one of my Bob Lee Hunter public land kills for the 2008 season ... and it is not over yet! Thanks for building such a great bow. Darryl Smith, Keithville, LA

This 8-point was taken at my lease 10 minutes from home on November 2nd with a 60-inch, 57-lb. takedown recurve. Rob Lee, Jacksonville, Texas

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