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The Switch to Traditional

A significant number of inquiries about our bows come from compound archers who have had their appetite whetted by traditional bows -- they have a friend who shoots traditional, they've lost a sense of challenge, or they're ready to achieve a longtime goal of harvesting game via truly instinctive shooting.

Whatever the reason, we're always happy to help ease the transition.

At Bob Lee Archery, we believe that anyone can become skilled with a traditional bow through fundamental shooting techniques -- and practice.

The traditional bow has seen a resurgence in popularity in the past couple of decades. Obviously, we are biased, but we believe the sense of accomplishment felt by an archer who hits his target is unlike any other sensation.

The feeling of stored power, the reaction of the bow and the thrust of the shot are all components of the experience that has made traditional archery a passion for the multitudes for countless eons.

And with reliance on our innate skillls and coordination, the thrill of instinctive shooting is derived from its simplicity. It just "naturally" feels good.

Choosing the right bow is a process based on many relative decisions.

We PREFER to visit with our customers one-on-one to help in the selection process and to ensure a good fit for you. Please do not hesitate to call us at 903.586.1877, Monday through Friday, 8 to 4 CST.

A few points to ponder:

Profile, handle wood, limb veneers and glass, embellishments such as overlays and handle center striping,

Draw weight, draw length, length of bow

Transportation requirements, handling, shooting applications (shooting from an enclosed blind or tree stand versus tournament shooting, etc.)

Hunting, large game versus small game, target shooting, tournament competition, etc.

Bob's Wing bow models have proven to be enduring designs -- and represent the legacy that this early pioneer has afforded the industry.

Pictured at right, the Presentation I boasted an extreme amount of mass via black phenolic, a linen-based resin often branded under the name Micarta®.

This bow hangs in our lobby, where special mounting techniques were undertaken to display -- and support -- this very heavy hitter.