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One-Piece Recurves and Longbows (Stick Bows)

Beginning in the 1950s, Bob Lee's Wing Archery introduced a multitude of masterpieces that dominated the bow market for three decades. Those ever-enduring designs are the inspiration for the current Bob Lee one-piece series -- fitting tributes to American classics still enjoyed by collectors and shooters alike.

One-Piece Recurves

Announcing! All Hunter one-piece recurves are now available in the incredibly versatile 54-inch length... added maneuverability... abbreviated clearance... a hunter's dream!

One-Piece Sticks

High performance in a stylish package, the Bob Lee Stick delivers an incredibly smooth release with unprecedented accuracy.

For speed, accuracy and style, the Bob Lee Stickbow is a champion among bows.

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Bob's Wing bow models have proven to be enduring designs -- and represent the legacy that this early pioneer has afforded the industry.

Pictured at right, the Presentation I boasted an extreme amount of mass via black phenolic, a linen-based resin often branded under the name Micarta®.

This bow hangs in our lobby, where special mounting techniques were undertaken to display -- and support -- this very heavy hitter.

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