EXOTIC Signature Model
One-Piece Recurve

A Classic Revisited
The Bob Lee Exotic Signature boasts timeless style with a Shedua handle and maple core limbs faced with Shedua. The perfect pairing of Shedua and micarta is repeated in an overlay on the handle back, as well as in the limb tips.

Includes Flemish string, bow stringer, Bow Care DVD and two year warranty

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Recommended lengths for our recurves
(Measured from string to far side of arrow shelf)
Draw Length Limb Length
Up to 28" 54" Limbs
25" to 28" 60" Limbs

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We're often asked: "What's Bob up to these days?"

Well, when he's not playing golf -- which he religiously does two afternoons per week -- he is in the archery production shop building customer's bows and designing new models. Bob logs a minimum of 20 hours each week handshaping and finessing handles and limbs for bow orders.

Traditional archery remains a passion of Bob's and he has no plans for retirement.

Rob, of course, works side-by-side with his dad as he has from Day One.

PHOTO TAKEN SEPTEMBER 2010 - Bob and Rob check the first bow in production after the move into the newly-constructed facility.

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